Happy Wedding Day

Lots of things going on and too little time but I'm finally back today with a little card for a wedding.
And I'll be back again tomorrow with a new project - that is a promise!

This is the card, very simple on turquoise paper (the bride's favorite color) and blue (for the groom). Green being my personal color it had to be included for this couple close to my heart.
The card front is slightly shorter than the back, I like the asymmetry.

Even if you don't speak French you probably get the meaning:
Bonheur - Happiness, Amour - Love, Oui - Yes.
Oh la la!

The small cosmos (or is it a cornflower?) is one of my oldest stamps, bought in 1998 or so...

Here I have colored the flowers with small pigment inkers in different shades of blue and yellow, then embossed in clear.

Cut out with small scissors then mounted with foam tape.


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