First things first - I don't necessarily beleive that green and red are Christmas colors only.This is quite obvious from the current look of this blog, no?
A red park bench beneath a soft green tree and a blue sentiment spells spring this time!

As yo can see the images were stamped on white cardstock, cut to size and mounted to red cards which were then lined in blue. See my trademark rabbit peeping through?

I decided to use green envelopes. Red being complementary to green, the effect when you open the green envelope and see the red card inside is delightful - to me at least....
And notice the park bench in green on green - in my world, envelopes should always be decorated.

On some of these cards I stamped the words right below the main image...

On others I stamped on a seperate piece of cardstock and attached, here with some birthday bling added.
As you may notice, I used two different green inks to stamp the tree - not sure if this is called overstamping or shadow stamping but the effect is a fuller tree. The image is first stamped in lime pastel and then in olive pastel (as usual my favorite Chalk Ink from Color Box) - I just wing it, but approximately in the same place.

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