Building a scene

This large and luscious 6-layer Altenew rose has always reminded me of English chintz and today I wanted to build a scene with two colorful roses on a turquoise background - I love the combo of yellow, coral and blue, I find it vivid and summery but not garish. Just like apiece of chintz!

Since these roses are not the easiest to line up (in my opinion) I stamp out several at a time using the MISTI and several color combination - this helps with frustration when you miss-stamp your one perfect flower on the very last layer!

Once I had decided on the colors I was using and selected my roses I fussy cut them out - I know, I know, there are dies that come included with the set, but I wanted no edge to these flowers!

The idea for this card came from an Altenew Academy class called Seasonal Scene Building so I wanted my scene to be of two beautiful roses in a vase in front of a striped background (curtain, tablecloth, wallpaper, who knows!)
Which is why the fussy cutting.

My initial idea was to make this a shaker using clear plastic packaging for the shaker element and mixed sequins for the water so I stamped out my background using the MISTI in a lighter ink for behind the vase and a darker shade for behind the flower. It didn't need to have a perfect line between the two colors as the roses would hide any mess.

It looks quite cool but in the pics here but I ended up hating that shaker element - it looked fussy and too much on the card once I had everything glued together so this is all you will see of my original idea!
Instead I decided to go for a light blue vellum to represent the vase, this calmed things down a bit and to make the scene a tad more realistic I cut out a couple of stems for my roses from a scrap piece of green card stock.

I still liked my striped background so decided to use that, the white was too stark and also did not make this look like a scene which is what I really wanted!

To finish up I used a sentiment from another Altenew stamp set - I love how straight and graphic this is embossed in white on black card stock - in my mind it reinforces the clean look of the card in spite of all the colors, does anyone agree with me?

Also that black strip helps glue the vellum down to the paper - we all know that vellum is notoriously difficult to stick down without showing ugly glue or tape marks!

By the way, the vellum is doubled up about three quarters of the way up to simulate water in the vase. A clever idea suggested by my husband JM.

I admit that I was worried that all the color would make this crazy but I actually really like it and I hope you do to!

The rose leaves were not glued down but tucked under the roses.

Altenew Ink colors used:
Red Sunset (Blush, Rouge, Crimson, Velvet) and Tea Party (CoralBliss and Vineyard Berry) color families for the coral flower.
The yellow rose was stamped in Pocketful of Sunshine colors (Citrus Burst, Fresh Lemon, Maple Yellow, Honey Drizzle) and Summer Afternoon (Buttercream and Warm Sunshine).
Leaves were stamped in Tropical Forest (Parrot, Olive and Moss)
Dew Drops, for behind the vase and Ocean Waves for the darker shade on the wall.

Stamp sets used:
Build - A - Flower Rose and a sentiment from Simple Flowers from Altenew and Basic Stripes from Simon Says Stamp.

This is my tenth and final submission into Level 1 of the AECP program.


  1. Wow, Helen, this card is GORGEOUS!! I love the attentions to details that you give to this card design. The roses are stunning thanks to your superb stamping! Thanks so much for entering your beautiful work in Altenew AECP assignment Gallery. Beautiful colors and design. Well done!

  2. Thanks so much Virginia!


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